Workstream 4 (Reduce duplication and management costs with periodic functional reviews): Update on the Business Innovation Group September 2019

Published Date

One of the commitments under the “Reduce duplication and management costs” Grand Bargain workstream is to “reduce duplication of managements and other costs through maximising efficiencies in procurement and logistics for commonly required goods and services”. UNHCR, co-convener of the workstream is working with WFP to deliver on this commitment. When the UN family spends annually USD 18 billion in procurement of goods and services, the savings it generates could amount to hundreds of millions. UNHCR and WFP are leveraging this UN reform opportunity to deliver on the Bussiness Innovation Group (BIG) targets.

In the fall of 2018, the BIG established a dedicated inter-agency Project Team made up of staff from UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP and WFP to design and pilot methodologies to deliver the Secretary-General’s targets set by his December 2017 report (A/72/684). The BIG targets and enablers interconnect and provide the framework and performance requirements that involved partners attempt to achieve in advancing common business operations.

In particular, the enablers aim at providing the foundation to create a field of transparency and accountability for service providers and recipients, the building blocks for enhanced programme delivery under the SDGs.

Please find below an update on the progress to achieve the BIG targets.