Workstream 5 on Joint Needs Analysis: Application of the Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework underway

Published Date

The Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF) is now embedded within the enhanced Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC), enabling 28 countries to provide a more robust and people-centered comprehensive analysis of humanitarian needs across sectors, including the causes of needs and analysis of vulnerabilities and risks.

OCHA and JIAF partners are monitoring feedback from country operations on the JIAF, in order to further refine and enhance the framework, its guidance and supporting tools. This learning will be further elaborated through the Multi-Partner Review of the 2021 HPC scheduled to commence in Q1 2021. Throughout 2021, significant capacity development will be undertaken to ensure that the JIAF approach is well embedded throughout the humanitarian architecture, with specific multi agency trainings and sensitizations planned throughout the year.

A formal independent review to test the effectiveness of the JIAF methodology in identifying and prioritizing unmet needs is currently at Request for Proposals stage. The review is planned to commence in early 2021, the results of which will serve as an evidence-base for further refinement of the JIAF methodology. The JIAF will continue to be a multi-agency initiative, delivered through a collaborative governance structure, coordinated by a newly formed JIAF Project Management Unit [PMU].