OCHA Evaluation of CBPFs, Update for the RG5 Meeting, 15 October 2019

Published Date

Purpose of the evaluation
The evaluation assesses how CBPFs have performed against the OCHA CBPF Policy Instruction between 2015 and 2018.

Analytical framework
The evaluation team used an analytical framework to guide and inform the evaluation which is based on the CBPF Operational Impact framework (outlined in the Policy Instruction). The structure of the evaluation case study reports are in line with the framework, as are the conclusions outlined in the attached document.

Progress with the evaluation
New York and Geneva HQ consultations, case study visits to CBPFs in Somalia, South Sudan, oPt, Afghanistan, Iraq (executive summaries for country reports attached). Interviews with 550 informants and gender-disaggregated community engagement with 705 men and women in case study countries. Remote interviews with the remaining 13 CBPFs, with a focus on the Yemen, DRC, Ethiopia and Syria cross-border funds.

Preliminary conclusions from the evaluation are included in the below update.

Terms of Reference and Inception Report.