Humanitarian Needs Overview and Humanitarian Response Plan templates, 2022

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The HNO and HRP aim to improve the relevance and effectiveness of humanitarian response by:

  • providing a more holistic and inter-sectoral analysis of crisis-affected people’s needs and their severity, vulnerabilities, causes, and risks, including a disaggregation based on age, gender, disability and other context-relevant diversity characteristics;
  • strengthening the prioritization of the response based on the needs analysis together with an analysis of the most appropriate and feasible response options, putting the emphasis on combined multi-sectoral and sectoral responses;
  • formulating measurable and attainable strategic objectives that reflect the desired humanitarian outcomes to achieve from the prioritized response; and
  • specifying key indicators, frequency, and roles and responsibilities for regular monitoring of the crisis situation, needs, and achievements of the response throughout the year.
  • improving coherence between humanitarian, development and peacebuilding frameworks through collective outcomes to the extent possible.


A Step-by-Step guide to develop the HNO and HRP