The IASC Gender Accountability Framework Report, 2018

Published Date

The Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s (IASC) 2017 Policy on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls in Humanitarian Action (henceforth referred to as the Policy) was a renewal of the IASC’s commitments to make gender equality and empowerment core to its function of coordinating global humanitarian response efforts. It lays out measures for the IASC at global and field levels to integrate gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls (GEEWG) into all its preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

To monitor its own progress and hold itself accountable to the commitments contained within, the IASC also developed an Accountability Framework (AF) to accompany the Policy. The AF focuses on the collective actions of the IASC with regards to GEEWG, monitoring the collective performance of the IASC on standards defined in the Policy, as well as the performance of IASC bodies with regards to fulfilling their roles and responsibilities, as prescribed in the Policy. As such, the overall aims of the AF are:

  • To monitor the collective actions of the IASC – at both global and field levels - to integrate GEEWG into the coordination of humanitarian response efforts around the world;
  • To help the IASC to better prioritize its actions with regards to GEEWG and develop a ‘shared agenda’;
  • To foster a culture of accountability within the IASC in regards to the promotion of gender equality issues.
  • To allow the IASC to demonstrate where it has fulfilled its commitments.