IASC Task Force on Climate Change

IASC Task Force on Climate Change

IASC Task Force on Climate Change

Climate change is a major driver of humanitarian needs. To address the humanitarian challenges of climate change, the IASC Taskforce on Climate Change was established in June 2008 and formalised in July 2009.

The mandate of the IASC TF on CC is to

  1. lead the preparation of high-quality analytical inputs to the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) process, and;
  2. provide guidance as appropriate to the IASC on integrating climate risk management into agency policies, operations and relevant IASC guidelines and tools..

The overall objective of the IASC Task Force on Climate Change is to promote the integration of climate change adaptation into humanitarian action and to ensure that, where appropriate, agency technical expertise and analysis can support Member State decision making within the UNFCCC process.

The agencies in the Task Force are working on advocacy and awareness raising of the humanitarian impacts of climate change; supporting dialogue with IASC agencies and fora at regional and national levels to facilitate the provision of guidance, support and training on climate change adaptation and facilitating information and knowledge sharing on good practices and tools.

The IASC Task Force on Climate Change meets on a monthly basis and works closely with the UNISDR. It is open for participation from and partnerships with a wider range of actors.

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