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IASC, Decision Tree Diagrams on Factors Affecting Choice of Fuel Strategy in Humanitarian Settings, 2009

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The tree diagram provides practical guidance on developing effective, holistic coordination and response mechanisms for the collection, supply and use of household energy in humanitarian settings. The diagrams present a clear means of determining which factors should influence the choice of fuel strategy in an individual setting. It is based on simple responses to a series of questions about local priorities, access, availability, etc.

Recognising that short and long-term fuel strategies may be different, the diagrams cover two response phases: acute emergency and protracted settings. The acute emergency diagram is particularly intended for emergency response teams, site selectors/site planners and camp managers at the outset of a new emergency. The guidance focuses on only the most essential fuel-related concerns. The protracted settings diagram is intended for all field-based actors with responsibility for determining a long-term fuel strategy. It provides guidance on the inter-linkages between a series of considerations and the cross-sectoral ramifications of each.