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image/svg+xmlThe Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) aims to foster a culture of accountability and protection from sexual exploitation and abuse at all levels of the humanitarian system by encouraging the institutionalisation of AAP and PSEA within humanitarian organisations, including local and national NGOs, International NGOs, The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and UN agencies, and by supporting the operationalisation of AAP and PSEA at a collective level (i.e. response-wide). CONTACT: For any technical support or guidance contact our helpdesk and an expert will get back to you within 48 hours — guaranteed.Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) is an active commitment to use power responsibly by ‘taking account of, giving account to, and being held to account’ by the people humanitarian organisations seek to assist.PSEA refers to measures taken to prevent and respond to Sexual Exploitation and/or Abuse by those associated with the provision of aid; SEA is one of the most serious breaches of accountability. What is AAP? Accountability toAffected Populations An ‘accountable response’ is informed by and adapts to the views, perceptions and needs of affected populations.An ‘accountable aid worker’ uses their power responsibly and upholds the principles set by codes of conduct. Why are AAP and PSEA important? What is PSEA? Protection from SexualExploitation and Abuse CONFUSED ABOUT AAP AND PSEA? The AAP/PSEA Helpdeskcan answer your questions! How do I mainstream AAP andPSEA into the project cycle? What’s init for us? Are we obligedto do this? How do we deal with sensitive complaints? How do we set up a complaints mechanism? How do I make anAAP framework? Can I see examplesof best practice? What does zerotolerance mean? What should my organisationbe doing around AAP and PSEA? What is collective AAPand PSEA? How do we do this? Who could help facilitate aPSEA workshop in my country? Where can we find practical tools? Who should investigate cases of SEA?