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IASC Global Standard Operating Procedures on Inter-Agency Cooperation in Community-Based Complaint Mechanisms, 2016

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The Global SOPs are technical guidance on how agencies can coordinate complaint referrals while operating an inter-agency community-based complaint mechanism (CBCM). The SOPs cover how to receive, assess, refer, and follow-up on complaints between agencies in line with diverse confidentiality and data protection policies. It also includes agreed-upon good practices in agency collaboration based on the Best Practice Guide to Establish Inter-Agency Community-Based Complaint Mechanisms. Drafted with the collaboration of 16 agencies and endorsed by the IASC Principals in June 2016, the SOPs fill a major gap in communication between agencies by providing agree-upon procedures for sharing sensitive information. Because the SOPs have already been aligned with agencies’ policies, CBCMs only need to minimally tailor this template to their local context, saving substantial time and effort for field staff. For more information about the Global SOPs, or inter-agency PSEA initiatives generally, please contact or