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Linkages between Accountability to Affected Persons and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

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image/svg+xmlAAP processes PSEA processes Risks of SEA are understood and mitigated Feedback and complaints mechanisms are trusted and used by all*(including for sensitive complaints) Affected people understand the behavior they should expect from aid actors Affected people inform and understand SEA survivor assistance packages Results of collaboration/linkages between AAP and PSEA COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FEEDBACK AND COMPLAINTS MECHANISMS PARTICIPATION INFORMATION PROVISION TRUST BUILDING RISK ANALYSIS CODES OF CONDUCT SURVIVOR ASSISTANCE INVESTIGATIONS INTER - AGENCY REFERRALS ADAPTATION AND CLOSING THE FEEDBACK LOOP Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) constitutes the most egregious breach of Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP) and me asures must be in place at both the community level (AAP) and organization level (PSEA) to prevent it, protect affected populations from it and contribute to safer programming *The term ‘all’ intends to capture all groups in the community; women, men, girls, boys, youth, and older persons, as well as pe rsons with disabilities and specific minority groups without any such distinction