IASC, Protocol for the Control of Infectious Disease Events. Humanitarian System-Wide Scale-Up Activation, 2019

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In addition to major humanitarian crises triggered by natural disasters or conflicts, infectious disease events, including outbreaks, can result in a Humanitarian System-wide Scale-Up activation(i.e. ‘Scale-Up activation’) to ensure a more effective response.

Scale-Up activation procedures for infectious disease events build on the InterAgency Standing Committee (IASC) Scale-Up activation protocols, with adjustments to reflect the potential evolution of an infectious event, the roles of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its Director-General and Member States under the International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005), and the importance of non-IASC organizations in responding to infectious disease events. These procedures also recognize that many infectious hazards are of animal origin, with the response incorporating a ‘One Health’ approach.

This paper outlines the IASC procedures for the assessment of infectious disease events, the consultation and decision-making processes on Scale-Up activation, the activation and deactivation criteria and procedures, and implications for IASC members and other key collaborating organizations.