IASC Reference Module for the Implementation of The Humanitarian Programme Cycle, 2015

Published Date

The IASC Reference Module for the Implementation of the Humanitarian Program Cycle defines the roles and responsibilities of international humanitarian actors and the way that they interact with each other, national and local authorities, civil society and with people affected by crises.

The reference module is formed around the six key elements of the humanitarian program cycle and two enablers:

Key elements:

  1. Emergency Response Preparedness
  2. Needs Assessment and Analysis
  3. Strategic Response Planning
  4. Implementation and Monitoring
  5. Resource Mobilization
  6. Operational Peer Review and Evaluation


  1. Coordination
  2. Information Management

This Reference Module provides a standard and adaptable set of tools for use in humanitarian crises globally.

The 2015 document supersedes the first version of the same name from 2013.