World Humanitarian Summit, the recent ALNAP Conference and Resilience

World Humanitarian Summit, the recent ALNAP Conference and Resilience

9:30 to 16:00 in New York
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14.30–14.40 World Humanitarian Summit
Hansjoerg Strohmeyer, Chief of the Policy Development and Studies Branch at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs will brief about the World Humanitarian Summit.

14.40-14.50 Q&A on the World Humanitarian Summit

14.50 -15.20 The ALNAP Conference
Francois Grunewald, Chairman, Urgence-Rehabilitation-Developpement (Groupe URD), will brief on the 28th ALNAP Meeting (taking place this week in Washington DC) and then share his views on the drivers on resilience (he conducted a review at the request of IASC Principals/OCHA of the resilience approach in the Sahel last year).

15.20 -15.40 Resilience
Turid Laegreid will provide an update on UN system proposal for resilience (Political Champions Group for Disaster Resilience).
15.40 - 16.00 Q&A and Discussion


In January 2012 the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon in his five-year action agenda proposed a first World Humanitarian Summit in 2014, to help share knowledge and establish common best practices, and the creation of a New UN Partnerships Facility to harness the full power of transformative partnerships across the world body.

ALNAP is a unique sector-wide active learning membership network dedicated to improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian action, by sharing lessons, identifying common problems and, where appropriate, building consensus on approaches. Accurate information is a vital tool for humanitarians. It can provide evidence of current or anticipated needs; demonstrate those elements of a response that are working, and those which urgently need to be changed; and support the development and improvement of life-saving practices. But there are many challenges to the collection of information and the use of evidence in humanitarian response, arising from the context of operations and from the culture of the humanitarian system. The 28th ALNAP Meeting is looking at these challenges and trying to find ways to address them.

In 2012, the United Kingdom and UNDP launched the Political Champions for Disaster Resilience Group to apply greater political focus and investment in disaster resilience. The Group is currently pursuing three broad workstreams:
1. Building regional resilience, this focuses particularly on the Horn of Africa and the Sahel;
2. Promoting disaster resilience in specific countries; and,
3. Integrating disaster resilience in donor humanitarian and development investments.

Getting to the venue:
Conference Room S-2727 is located on the twenty seventh floor in the UN Secretariat building. An UN ID card is required.
Important information:
If you need help or information from the IASC secretariat, please contact Naryngul Kasymova at or phone Melanie at: 212-963-5582.


New York
27th floor, UN Secretariat.
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Mr. Martijn Dalhuijsen