System-wide Scale-Up protocols activated for the Ukraine response

Published Date

Ruined building in Ukraine as a result of heavy bombing the city


On 5 March 2022, the IASC Principals activated the humanitarian system-wide Scale-Up protocols for the Ukraine response. This activation applies to the entirety of Ukraine and shall be for an initial period of six months.  The relevant IASC-agreed protocols that apply are attached for reference.

With immediate effect, this Scale-Up activation should serve to streamline/simply our internal emergency procedures and mobilize the operational capacities and resources needed to match the scale, complexity and urgency of this crisis, in coordination with national and local partners.  It is worth noting this Scale-Up activation is an internal IASC designation to bolster the capabilities of IASC members, and is not intended as a point for public advocacy.   

To collectively respond at scale, all IASC partners are urged to prioritize the necessary support to bolster our in-country presences, deploy well-equipped teams, and front-load resources towards the Ukraine operation.