COVID-19 Supply Chain System documents

The global COVID-19 outbreak is leading to an acute and drastic shortage of essential supplies, including personal protective equipment, diagnostics, and medical products. The UN has decided to act rapidly and convened a Supply Chain Task Force. This task force will, among others, establish a COVID-19 supply chain system (CSCS) to provide countries with essential supplies needed for their COVID-19 response.

The Task Force will be co-chaired by WHO and WFP and will provide strategic direction ensuring that supply chains are driven by strategic and tactical health and medical priorities and that the most critical gaps in supplies are identified and met in a timely fashion.

The attached documents provide detailed information on the Task Force and the process of requesting and receiving globally sourced COVID-19 critical supplies that are currently facing constrained market conditions, through the CSCS. Additional information can be found at the COVID-19 Partners Platform and in the Emergency Global Supply Chain System (COVID-19) catalogue.