ProCap and GenCap Appeal 2021-2022

Published Date

The inter-agency Protection Standby Capacity Project (ProCap) and Gender Standby Capacity Project (GenCap) envision a world in which all people affected by humanitarian crises are protected and humanitarian action prioritizes gender equality.

To help ensure the centrality of protection and gender equality in humanitarian action, the projects work to strengthen leadership, programmes and localization strategies by providing direct support to field operations through the deployment of Senior Advisers who work closely with Resident and Humanitarian Coordinators (RC/HCs), Humanitarian Country Teams (HCTs) and other stakeholders, including national partners.

For the period of this appeal (1 July 2021–31 December 2022), the projects are requesting a total of US$10,414,428 ($5,202,663 for ProCap and $5,211,765 for GenCap) to address growing protection and gender capacity requirements within the evolving humanitarian system. In support of RC/HCs and HCTs, ProCap and GenCap will aim to provide 40 deployments (20 for each project). Overall, this is expected to translate into a total of 400 deployment months (200 for each project).