IASC Events (previously called "Weekly Meetings") serve as a forum for communication and information sharing among a wide range of humanitarian actors. Presenters from IASC agencies and other humanitarian partners from headquarters and from the field provide briefings on current and potential humanitarian concerns, leading to interactive discussions on country specific situations or policy issues. 

IASC Events are organized by the IASC Secretariat in take place both in Geneva and New York. They are open to colleagues from all participating UN agencies and NGOs. 

In order to be able to cover a broad range of issues, all IASC organizations are encouraged to make proposals for the agenda. For suggestions please contact a member of the IASC Secretariat in Geneva or New York respectively. 

Agenda items in the past have comprised

  1. Briefings on humanitarian situations caused by both natural disasters and conflicts and the humanitarian response provided;
  2. Briefings on thematic issues covered by the IASC Working Group and the IASC Subsidiary Bodies, and/or cross-cutting issues;
  3. Debriefings on missions and workshops and IASC Principals and Working Group Meetings.

For further information about the IASC Events, please consult IASC Weekly Fact Sheet.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming events at this time.